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auctionapp is a FREE and powerful eBay search and account management application, currently available and in development for Microsoft Windows Phone & Microsoft Windows 8 Metro Style Apps. Our aim is to make auctionapp the number one application used for day to day eBay activities!

auctionapp for Windows Phone.


auctionapp for Windows Phone is the first 3rd party eBay certified application for Windows Phone. It’s free to download and use and is completely ad free. Sell items directly from the app, has advanced search options, has added security with local passwords and more… It features a great design and layout which follows the Windows Phone theme with smooth animations to show of your phone.

Add multiple eBay user accounts and save searches, arrange the tiles to keep your favorites in view. Add an eBay account to see your bidding, watching and selling lists, messages and your latest feedback.

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See daily deals, get notifications about your current eBay activities and store previous data so loading times quicker. If you use eBay or the official eBay app for Windows Phone, it’s well worth giving auctionapp a try!

auctionapp is based on auction sidebar tool which one of the most popular desktop/sidebar gadget for Windows Vista/7 and has over 5 million downloads.

Features Include:

  • Search eBay with advanced search options and search suggestions. auctionapp even stores your search history!
  • Keeps links to your frequently viewed items/searches/accounts in a color coded “easy view” list. Shows eBay Deals, popular items/searches and more!
  • Read and reply to eBay member messages with a Metro Apps native messages style layout with new message notifications.
  • Manage your eBay Buying and Selling easily with the ability to place a bid or buy it now without visiting eBay’s website. You can add and remove watchlist items and even list an item for sale.
  • Receive a notification when something important happens in your account like receiving new feedback, being outbid or one of your items sells.
  • and more…

You can download from the Windows Phone Marketplace, just scan the QR code, tap the Marketplace image below or search for auctionapp. Look forward to more updates coming soon!


Tap Here to read more about auctionapp for Windows Phone!

auctionapp for Windows Metro Style Apps.

Development Status:
development has started for Windows Metro Style Apps. Check back soon for updates!

an inspiring application.

auctionapp was inspired by the totally awesome “Auction Sidebar Tool” for Microsoft Windows Desktop/Sidebar Gadgets.
Auction Sidebar Tool helped us (and many others) out loads when it came to eBay activities. with over 5 million downloads from Windows Live Gallery (before Microsoft closed it down) it sits on your windows desktop and lets you know if you have new messages, been outbid or a watched item is ending soon. we like it that much, and since we made it, we thought we’d give it a mention. check it out at or and featured at

Auction Sidebar Tool works on Microsoft Windows Vista & Windows 7 and is available in our downloads page.