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Windows Phone official eBay app Error – IAF token supplied is invalid. (T21916984)

IAF token supplied is invalid seems to have been an ongoing problem for eBay for Windows Phone and a few of their other official applications. eBay IAF stands for eBay Identity Assertion Framework and is used by eBay’s web servers to keep you logged in for a longer period of time than the standard login through your web browser allows.

ebay IAF Error

This works by your application storing an encrypted key (code) which it receives from eBay when you sign in to eBay using the application. This key is then sent back to eBay’s server when you re-open the application and logs you in automatically so you don’t have to sign in all the time. According to Rolf (Product Manager for eBay Desktop) this key can become out of sync with eBay’s servers, especially if you don’t use the application often or make changes to your eBay account like changing your email address etc…

There doesn’t seem to be much information available about this error on line but you can see some suffering with eBay Desktop for Mac here

If you receive this error on Windows Phone 7 or Windows Phone 8, people suggest that the only current fix is uninstalling and re-installing the application (which can be a bit of a pain when you’re out and about) although, I fixed this error by signing out and back in again. On other platforms it seems more difficult it fix and if it makes you feel any better, the iPhone eBay app has suffered from this problem too. It seems like the best fix would be to catch the error and just make you log in again, which shouldn’t be hard for the developers, so I think the developers will probably fix this problem in a future release of eBay for Windows Phone.

auctionapp for Windows Phone doesn’t suffer from this problem as it uses a eBay’s auth & auth token system to request you information, make changes, bid/buy and sell on your behalf.

If you’ve had this problem and successfully fixed it on any device (or had this problem and not fixed it) please feel free to let people know in your comment.

  • chiv

    Hi. I trade on Ebay as chiv36. This error came up on my Nokia Lumia 800. I followed the above advice & it worked straight away. So just sign out of Ebay then sign back in. Hope this helps.

  • Alastair Black1

    I had this problem on a Nokia lumia 710. It was easily remedied by signing out of eBay and then signing back in.

  • Dk Musician

    Hello Guys,

    Yes that’s correct, eBay is working hard to avoid this situation. They’ll try that in the next release this is resolved. However, the workaround given above is perfect. First, log out from your eBay account and then log in again. If still problem persists, then only Uninstall and re-install the App.

  • Gavgrose

    same problem and followed the advice, logged out and logged back in and all working. so thanks for that ive been doing my nut for days

  • Nortonian

    Signed out and signed in again – all OK

  • http://www.facebook.com/clive.bowles1 Clive Bowles

    Yep just sign out and back in sorts it!

  • auctionapp

    Thanks for the comments guys. You should give auctionapp a try, it’s a great alternative to the official eBay app

  • Anya

    Wat happens if that comes up when u r trying to buy something. I’m using an ipad

  • legend 1525

    This a hack to steal your password from some one, this happen as well with yahoo which ask you to reenter your password but I instead tap the yahoo home and click on amail again without a problem…please change your password, if you did what the mobile ask you or yahoo did.